Engineering, manufacturing and reverse engineering capabilities.


Design is in our name with good reason. We know our customers, and we design for them. Understanding the parts and tooling you need, we design for manufacturability. Our engineering knowledge sets our design apart, and creates the foundation for our high-quality production capabilities.

Insight Simulation Moldflow

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Engineering Capabilities :

  • People: Full-time engineering staff
  • Software: Four seats of Pro Engineer and one seat of Solid Works (3D solid modeling packages)
  • Insight 2014 Mold Flow Software
  • A range of 2D and 3D CAD capabilities
  • A strong reliance on advanced simulation packages, for precising modeling
  • Part-design assistance: our understanding of your needs makes the difference

Full-service manufacturing solutions

  • Specifications and sourcing
  • Packaging
  • Assembly

Reverse engineering of key components

Our experience and skills at reverse engineering makes us adept at solving part problems. The result? Improved and timely production for you.

With in-house capacities for tool design, product development, transfer tooling and prototyping, Design Molded Plastics makes engineering excellence the foundation of high-quality injection molding.