Product Development

We assist in design for optimum manufacturability, resulting in high quality and efficient delivery.

1. Reverse Engineering.
Our customers quickly see the difference in our standard use of reverse engineering. It’s not unusual for customers to come to us with a part with problems that are directly related to the lack of robust design of a part or tool.

With reverse engineering we are able to:

  • Understand the original design intent
  • Recommend changes to enhance performance and/or manufacturability
  • Deliver a high quality product
  • Take advantage of the opportunities for cost reduction

2. Polymer Conversions
Among the reasons to change from metal to plastic: weight, cost, recyclability, total investment savings, ROI, decibels and insulation. We have many success stories of metal to plastics conversion. Typically you can expect advantages such as cost savings, weight reduction and new design opportunities.

3. Part Development
Speed to market, design for manufacturability, strong materials background, cost savings are some of the advantages.

4. Over molding and insert molding, resulting in:

  • Added strength
  • Unique part features
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Cost savings

Aerosole cap with living hinge

Aerosole cap with living hinge

    Aerosole cap with living hinge Rapid prototyping HVAC product development - 8 parts Garage door hinge - metal replacement